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Several years ago Prof. Roy Taylor as well as associates discovered they could evidently reverse kind 2 diabetes with a really low-calorie diet regimen. How reduced? 600– 800 each day for 8 weeks. His program– frequently called the Newcastle diet plan– has actually achieved some prestige in the United Kingdom yet I do not find out about it a lot over below throughout the pond. The scientific research in support of the program was extremely little– just 11 individuals: 9 men and 2 women (with an average BMI of 33.6). I make certain hundreds, if not thousands, have actually attempted it because then.

I’m not backing or suggesting the Newcastle diet regimen at this time. I have not examined it thoroughly. It possibly calls for cautious medical and also dietitian supervision. Prof. Taylor claims:

Our research subjects discovered the diet regimen challenging to adhere to. Encouraged people were selected, and assistance from the team was given regularly. Assistance from the homeowners of the research volunteers was very essential in aiding them follow the diet regimen. Appetite was not a certain issue after the initial couple of days, yet the full adjustment in social activities (not going to the bar, not joining in the household dishes etc.) was a difficulty over the 8 weeks.

The purpose of this blog post is just to accumulate a couple of informative links for my very own documents and for my viewers that would like to know more.


  • Basic information about the plan from Prof. Taylor
  • Information for physicians
  • Recipes
  • Seminal scientific report
  • Prof. Taylor’s Banting Memorial Lecture on Reversing the Double Patterns of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus
  • My article on academic supports of the Newcastle diet

The initial program uses Optifast liquid dishes (600 calories/day) plus vegetables for one more 200 calories. Prof. Taylor notes that items comparable to Optifast could be quicker offered and also simply as efficient, yet I do not know what those are. Ensure? Carnation Immediate Breakfast? Boost? Jevity?

Very low calorie diet plans similar to this are typically described as starvation diet plans or fad diet. Crash diet could cause weakness as well as very easy exhaustion, headaches, lightheadedness, loss of hair, gallstones, electrolyte (blood mineral) disruptions, palpitations, dietary deficiencies, skin problems, gout arthritis, kidney failure, or worse.

Even if successful, transitioning away from the eight-week Newcastle diet plan a lot better be done meticulously or the diabetes will return.