The metrosexual is dead, long live the spornosexual. Take our test to locate out which classification of modern maleness you fit into

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The spornosexual’s primary concern is his body

Yesterday, the author that first created the term ‘metrosexual’, Mark Simpson, explained the rise of the ‘spornosexual’ – a social media sites- and also selfie-obsessed male who takes hints on his look from sport as well as porn.

While metrosexuals worried over their wardrobes and also their complexions, the spornosexual’s key worry is his body. Still unsure where you fit in all this? Take Telegraph Men’s spornosexual quiz to find out …

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1. You’re logging right into Facebook to …

A) … post a picture of you having dinner with good friends. You look incredible in it however that’s by-the-by.

B) … maintain up to this day with news from loved ones. Your relative’s simply had a child – maybe a picture will certainly be up?

C) … examine how numerous ‘likes’ your health club selfie has got. Your weapons are looking substantial in this one, but until now only 149 individuals have left favorable comments. Is it your hair that’s the problem?

2. You’re turning on the TELEVISION to view …

A) … the football. Footballers constantly seem to be one step ahead of the most up to date grooming trends.

B) … the football. You ‘d never ever miss out on one of your team’s games.

C) … Geordie Shore. When you’re not taking a look at you, you intend to be checking out people like you.

3. If you were a comic book personality you would be …

A) Batman. You may or could not be in a gay connection with your partner however that’s not truly the factor. You also have a cellar stuffed with wonderful gadgets.

B) Superman. Conserve the day, get the girl.

C) The Amazing Hunk. Due to the fact that bigger is always better.

4. It’s a big night out. Exactly what’s your poison?

A) Merlot. There was a period when it would have been cocaine also, however the honest ramifications fretted you – not to state exactly what it did to your skin.

B) Real ale.

C) Double vodka Red Bull. You’re constantly obtaining supplied MDMA in clubs however you’re not exactly sure how it will respond with the steroids you’re taking.

5. Time for celebration tiny talk with one more guy. Your very first question is …

A) This is Prada? I’ve been aiming to track one down in cobalt blue for ages.

B) Did you catch the game last night?

C) Bro, do you lift?

6. Time to approach a female at an event. Your opener is …

A) A lady in an A-line outfit should never be standing by herself.

B) Are you a car parking ticket? Due to the fact that you’ve got “fine” written throughout you.

C) My companion’s for a trio. You in?

7. It’s the morning after the night before. Exactly what do you eat?

A) Ottolenghi’s Middle Eastern take on Full English – a basic spin on a classic.

B) Full English, what else?

C) Full English with 18 eggs, 20 rashers of bacon and no bread. This device operates on protein.

8. Exactly how would certainly you explain your connection with porn?

A) You watch it a few times a week but comprehend it doesn’t have much bearing on reality.

B) Strained since Nuts has folded.

C) You’ve submitted a number of videos of you as well as the sweetheart to amateur sites yet must truly attempt professional soon.

9. Let’s talk tee shirts. V-neck or staff neck?

A) If your face is long, you’ll aim to offset this with a simple team neck – as well as vice-versa if your face is round.

B) You don’t talk t-shirts.

C) V-neck – the deeper the better.

10. Which of these ideal explains your method to life?

A) Always keep an eye out for number one.

B) Wish for the ideal, expect the worst.

C) Sun’s out – guns out.

Mostly As – You are a metrosexual. While your appearance and rate of interest in brushing products could have drawn in comment in the very early noughties, you have actually now been gone beyond by the spornosexual. Attempt upping your weights at the health club or, if that falls short, taking steroids.

Mostly Bs – You are a 20th century male. You do not read men’s lifestyle magazines so you probably have no idea how dated you really are yet, if this quiz has elevated any kind of issues, try borrowing some moisturiser from a metrosexual friend/colleague before trying to go full sporno.

Mostly Cs – You are a spornosexual. Congratulations – you are an impressive sampling of masculinity, though viewpoints may differ in what sense you are outstanding.