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Progesterone is a vital hormone in the women body. It controls your menstruation, and also prepares your womb monthly for pregnancy by enlarging the cellular lining of your uterus to accommodate a fertilized egg. If no fertilized egg shows up, your progesterone degrees decrease, menstruation returns, and it’s company as usual.

But what happens if your progesterone levels are reduced all the time? As you would certainly expect, you’ll have problem getting or staying expectant. Without the enlarging of the uterine wall surface triggered by enough progesterone, the fed egg has no location to go.

Symptoms of reduced progesterone when you are not expecting consist of:

  • Low sex drive
  • Headaches
  • Mood modifications, consisting of anxiousness or depression
  • Irregularity in your menstrual cycle
  • Hot flashes

If you are currently expecting as well as are experiencing any one of the complying with indicators, you may have low progesterone:

  • Frequent low blood sugar
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Constant breast tenderness
  • Constant fatigue

Progesterone is produced by your ovaries, and also manufacturing degrees will vary throughout your menstruation, peaking concerning 7 days before your period. If you presume your progesterone could be reduced, see your doctor. She will give you a “PGSN” – a straightforward blood test that will disclose your progesterone level.

If your progesterone is in reality reduced, and also you are not aiming to have a baby, your doctor may not do anything better, or merely prescribe something for the signs and symptoms. If you do mean to have an infant, your physician is most likely to prescribe one or an additional approaches of hormonal agent therapy.

The treatments might be carried out topically or via genital suppositories. Genital rings, which allow for time-release of the hormones, are commonly favored. There are also oral choices available, such as medroxyprogesteron, marketed as Provera.

The hormone therapy will certainly of training course ease the signs of reduced progesterone. Genital dry skin, warm flashes as well as evening sweats will be minimized, and also your total state of mind should enhance. It may likewise reduce your opportunities of having weakening of bones and also diabetes mellitus. Provided by mouth, progesterone therapy can likewise make it less complicated for you to sleep.

Downsides? There are a few. Undertaking hormonal agent therapy enhances your danger of blood clots, gallbladder troubles and also stroke. If you are aiming to fight a reduced progesterone problem much more holistically, increase your consumption of vitamins B and C, as well as the mineral zinc.