Before the days of Microgynon as well as Durex, individuals used to resort to all types of wild mixtures to quit themselves obtaining up the duff.

From faeces to body parts, see the unusual contraceptives that will make you believe utilizing a crisp package really is a smart idea (please note: it’s not).

1. A lemon

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You understand exactly what’s great to push right into on your own to make use of as a diaphram? Half a lemon. Not just is does the form look sort of similar, however citric acid is said to have contraceptive properties as it kills sperm.

Casanova was apparently a substantial follower of the lemon technique, as well as it was popular in the 18th century. In even more recent times there’s also been tips that it can help quit the spread of HIV.

2. An acacia, day and also honey tampon

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Dating back to Ancient Egypt, ladies were told to soak wool in acacia, date and also honey as well as to place it the way we would certainly today as a tampon. This was revealed by a prescription on a papyrus sheet dating back to 1550 B.C.

Sounds all really unpleasant and also sticky to us …


3. Acid

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OK, so we’re not chatting right stuff you used in science class, however women from both the Greek and also Roman realms utilized to ‘clean’ their ins out with any acidic liquids they could lay their hands on, from vinegar and also lemon to sea water.

Because, y’ understand, acid stings and also cleanses things, and exactly what much better way to make the many of that by douching.


4. Testicle tea

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What’s nicer at around 3pm compared to a wonderful mug of testicle tea, eh?

Women in ancient China thought that consuming alcohol a cup of beaver testicle tea would function as a contraceptive, although we cannot seem to find a medical concept regarding why …


5. Diet Coke

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Rather than consuming alcohol a nice cold could of it after you have actually done the deed, it was preferred (up till very just recently) to shoot Diet regimen Coke right into your lady components to exterminate the sperm.

Other variants of Coke were additionally made use of, with the diet plan variety said to be the most reliable. So, yep, that’s exactly how your moms and dads quit you having any longer siblings


6. Pig intestines

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Way back when before we uncovered latex, men used to utilize pig intestinal tracts to do the same task. Any individual else completely dry heaving appropriate now?

They were prominent from a minimum of the 16th century onwards and were typically multiple-use and soaked in milk before utilize to eliminate any kind of microbes.


7. Crocodile poo

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This fascinating contraceptive was favoured by the Egyptians – we ‘d like to know who first found that putting poo right into your vaginal area quit you getting pregnant.

It was used to obstruct the sperm, and also it possibly also provided individuals one heck of a bladder infection.


8. Squat and sneeze

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It seems like some type of gym exercise, but rather it was made use of as a post-sex transfer to clear your body of fluids. Yuck.

Doctors in Ancient Greece suggested that lady get right into the squat position when they ‘d had sex as well as try to do the largest sneeze feasible to obtain semen out. Needlessly to claim, this one wasn’t also successful …

And so you know, we don’t advise you try any of these